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Teaching Empathy in MSD

Teaching Empathy in MSD

MSD elementary schools focus on a different positive trait each month

Elementary schools focus on a character trait each month as part of our efforts to boost pro-social and soft skills in our students. This December, the character trait is empathy. 

“Empathy is an important foundational skill for people of all ages,” said April Pacheco, Social Emotional Advocate at Howard. “It helps us connect to others, communicate with others, and maintain positive relationships. Empathy promotes harmony in elementary school and can reduce bullying and mean or rude behaviors.”

As part of Empathy Month at Howard, students and staff celebrate Wellness Wednesday. The initiative is designed to create connections between students of different age groups. The older students step into the classrooms of the younger ones, creating a heartwarming atmosphere and building their leadership skills. 

Students also listened to The Invisible Kid.  The story reminds us that empathy goes beyond what meets the eye, teaching students that small acts of kindness can help children feel included. Following the story, students made friendship bracelets. 

Over at Hoover, students learned about empathy through Character Strong lessons. Understanding that students can spread kindness and empathy to families in need, the Student Council held a food drive.  Students brought over 1,700 food items, which will be donated to ACCESS.


Knowing that some struggle during the holidays, Hoover also contacted families needing Christmas gifts and created a Giving Tree.  Students and their families chose tags and returned with presents that will be distributed to brighten the holidays for other children. Way to go, Hurricanes!

Together, let's celebrate the growth of empathy within our MSD family and continue to nurture the values that make our community special.